Vibram Shoes Five Fingers

If you love barefoot running but are looking for some protection between you and the ground, be it trail or road, Vibram have what you're after. Vibram Australia's range of barefoot performance shoes / soles are ideal for those seeking a ground and glove-like feel on your foot when walking or running. Designed and refined over 85 years, Vibram shoes and soles have been created to keep you connected with the ground, whilst allowing natural movement, in Vibram's eyes, the way you were meant to move all along before cushioned and stability shoes became popular. Shop Vibram Five Fingers online in Australia today at Onsport and enjoy free shipping and free returns Australia-wide on orders over $99, plus earn frequent flyer or loyalty points.









By far and away Vibram Australia's most popular shoes are the men's and women's Vibram Five Fingers. The Five Fingers style is synonymous with Vibram. What's so special about the Vibram Five Fingers? These versatile, minimalist shoes offer the casual walker, hiker, runner, kayaker or even fisherman/boater a grippy outsole with individual toe slots to give these shoes a barefoot feeling but with more protection and grip than going truly barefoot.

Substituting Vibram shoes for traditional bulky footwear is believed to allow your toes to spread and your feet to strengthen due to the more natural foot motion the Vibram Five Finger shoes promote. The unique contoured soles that Vibram offer increase the stability of the foot when in contact with the ground, providing a grippy, stable experience. Pick up a pair of Vibram shoes today and include them in your outdoor footwear rotation!