Compression Tops

Advanced technologies are transforming sports and fitness apparel, and the compression top has become an essential in every athlete's wardrobe. Designed to offer maximum comfort and improve your performance, gym fanatics and sports players can battle the elements and overcome anything when they're armed with the right gear.

Our range comes to you from Australia's favourite brands, including Skins and 2XU. This is the spot where quality meets durability, and real progress occurs. So, for men and women that are interested in results and not excuses, shop the range from Onsport today.









Sportswear that’s woven with innovation

You need to be prepared for anything inside the gym and out of it. Compression tops offer almost limitless benefits to you while you take on your challenge. They provide support that stabilises your muscles as you train, with pressure that improves blood circulation and warms up the muscles. The result? Lower risk of injury and a shorter recovery time.

A compression top provides flexibility and breathability, vital when you’re at your peak to keep you cool and dry. Whether you’re lined up next to your competitors, or you’re your own competition, don’t let little things like sweat or bad weather get in the way. Onsport offers compression tops for men, women and kids. Choose from long-sleeved, short-sleeved, tank tops and cropped tops to find your perfect fit in any scenario.

Functionality doesn’t come at the expense of style. This range is made up of modern silhouettes and designs made for the style-conscious man or woman. For more gear that gets you to the top of your game, check out compression tights and compression shorts at Onsport.

100% Australian owned and operated

Onsport was born out of a passion for sports and fitness, and an understanding that we need the best in sports apparel to perform at our peak. We offer top customer service, quality goods, quick delivery and easy returns for your convenience.

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