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Men's Running Tops

Men's running tops are available in all shapes, sizes, colours, levels of quality and prices. Here at onsport.com.au, we've curated a selection of men's running t-shirts (or running tees) and men's running singlets, designed to give men the comfort and style they deserve when they're out there running, either on the road or on a trail, whether you're running a 5km Parkrun, a 10km fun run, a half marathon, a full marathon or even an ultra marathon at a whopping 100km, we have the men's running top for you!

The 3 essential elements to look for when buying a running top online are: fit, comfort and style.

Running Top Fit

Running tees or running singlets must fit you well and in the particular fit that you like such as a loose fit running tee or singlet or a more fitted running tee or singlet that sits closer to your body.

Running Top Comfort

Second is comfort (some may argue a comfortable running top should actually be the first requirement). There's nothing like having your favourite, most comfortable running top, be it a men's running singlet or running tee on your back when you're training for your next running event or actually running in an event. Men's tops for running events need to be comfortable and to ensure comfort you should look out for a running tee that is made from a performance fabric that has moisture wicking properties that keep the sweat away from your body when you run. Comfortable running tops are also characterised by seams that a friction free or irritation free. Our range of men's running t-shirts and running singlets incorporate flatlock stitching into the top to ensure a friction-free or irritation free running experience. Finally, you'll be comfortable only if your entire focus is on running, so if you're training in the early mornings or at night in low light, you'll want a running tee with reflective panels to reflect light and keep you visible to cars.

Running Top Style

If you know that you'll look sharp when you're out for a run, this can provide a little extra motivation to get out and do your run. Buying a fashionable men's running top will also mean that you can seamlessly go from a run to grabbing a coffee with a mate or just sitting at your local coffee shop without looking like a dag. If you buy a stylish running top and you look great, chances are you'll feel great and that will likely encourage you to do more running. At onsport.com.au we have curated a range of men's fashion running tops to suit even the most discerning man. Shop top running fashion brands online here including 2XU Compression, Adidas, Canterbury, Craft Running, New Balance, Puma and more.

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Free Shipping

Shop online and enjoy free shipping Australia-wide when you spend over $50 on men's running tops at onsport.com.au! If you're concerned about the right fit and whether you can return a product, you shouldn't be, you can enjoy free returns on orders over $99. Need a little extra incentive to shop with us? How about the fact you'll earn 2 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points for every dollar you spend online. Not only that, you can build up your Velocity Points and redeem them either directly at onsport.com.au or you can redeem them on flights, holidays and more. Shop sport and fitness online at Australia's best online sports store, onsport.com.au today.