Compression Tights

Compression tights are the must-have item for men and women with a passion for sports and fitness. Providing warmth, stability and support throughout your workout, they deliver the latest in sportswear technology and maximum comfort.

Whether you’re sweating it out at the gym, beating your own personal best on the track or dominating the sports field, a pair of compression tights help you do it better. This range from Onsport is our pick of the bunch, bringing you quality brands like Champion, 2XU, McDavid and Skins. Upgrade your sportswear wardrobe with workout and recovery tights and discover what you can achieve.









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The right gear for enhanced performance

There are no prizes for second place. For men and women across Australia that want to perform at their peak, compression tights ensure you not only look - but feel - like a pro. Versatile for a range of sports and gym routines, this cool essential is comfortable and prevents injury. By keeping your muscles warmer and more oxygenated, they help to reduce fatigue and accelerate your recovery.

This is the added support your training needs. With skin-tight tights for men and women in a range of styles, you can pick your pair from full length, half length and stirrup varieties. This line-up has been specially formulated for sportswear and comes with guaranteed quality and durability. So, enjoy streamlined apparel for better movement and a modern silhouette.

For more pieces that are set to level up your wardrobe and your workout, shop compression tops and compression shorts with Onsport. The entire range is engineered for performance, so you can do what you do better than ever before.

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