Compression Tights

Women's compression tights have been designed and tested by compression brands 2XU compression and SKINS to improve athletic performance and aid better recovery. Women's compression achieves this as the graduated compression garments wrap muscles tightly (compressing them) to reduce muscle damage and fatigue during exercise and after exercise women's recovery compression assists with faster muscle repair and reduced soreness.

There are a number of main compression styles available for women's compression, including, full length compression tights, 7/8 compression tights, 3/4 compression tights, women's compression shorts, compression tanks and tees and women's compression socks.

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Compression Tights

Compression tights are essential activewear items for performing at your very best, whether you're training for a running event or participating in an iron(wo)man! Women's compression tights assist your performance and by promoting blood flow or circulation to the areas being compressed, allowing for greater oxygen to tissue. Compression tights also assist in recovery and injury prevention by aligning muscles to keep them in place, thereby reducing the muscle oscillation that leads to muscle strain and soreness. Recovery specific fabric details such as graduated compression increases venous return to the heart and increases blood circulation, assisting with the removal of blood lactate from muscles, to reduce swelling and speed muscle repair for faster recovery.

Compression tights are available in many lengths, sizes and styles, including compression half tights, 3/4 length tights and full length tights. In terms of sizes, women's compression tights are available in XXS, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and 2XL. Certain styles are available in tall options such as Small Tall, Medium Tall and Large Tall sizes to cater for women with longer legs. Styles vary dramatically from season to season and brand to brand from classic black compression tights to black/silver tights to printed pattern compression tights.

Buy women's compression tights from the top women's compression brands such as SKINS, 2XU and ISC Compression. Women's activewear brands such as Running Bare and Lorna Jane make compression or quasi-compression garments available from time to time also.

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