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Speedo is a leading Australian women's swimsuit and men's swimwear brand. Shop Speedo swimwear online at onsport.com.au and enjoy great prices on one piece Speedo swimsuits for women, Speedo men's swim shorts, trunks, briefs and swim tops and shirts. Buy Speedo during our Speedo sale online where from time to time we offer discounted Speedo with free shipping on orders over $99. You'll love Speedo's high quality range of women's, men's and kids swimwear! Shop Speedo online today.









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Speedo - About

Speedo is one of Australia's most iconic swimwear brands and probably one of the most iconic Australian brands - it's up there with Vegemite and Weetbix! Australians love their swimming and many Aussies participate all year round for exercise and fitness, but most Aussies love swimming, both pool swimming and beach swimming during the hot Australian summer.

Speedo, have made and marketed high quality swimwear and swimming equipment and accessories for over 90 years now. First launched under the brand name 'Fortitude' back in 1914 by scot Alexander MacRae, the company that went on to create the Speedo brand was originally a hosiery manufacturer. In 1929, a year after the racerback swimsuit shape that we still see in today's Speedo swimwear range, the brand Speedo was born. Swimming became more popular in the 1920's as Australian society had a more relaxed approach towards mixed bathing. The Speedo brand started growing in part due to a Swedish swimmer setting the world record in a Speedo swimsuit. The rest is history and today Speedo is a global swimwear brand and has become a household name, to the point where the expression "Speedos" and "swimwear" are used interchangeably. In 2016 Speedo announced a 12 year extension of their contract as the Official Australian Olympic Team swimwear partner. Learn more about Speedo swimwear online.

Speedo and Onsport.com.au

Onsport.com.au started offering a wide range of women's Speedo swimsuits and men's swimwear online in Australia within the first two years of launch and the Speedo swimsuit range has continued to expand ever since. Speedo is one of the top swimwear and swimming accessories brands sold through our site today.

Speedo Swimwear Features

The fabric technology in Speedo swimwear has come a long way since its debut in the 1920's. Key features of a lot of Speedo swimwear today include:

Chlorine resistant swimwear - most of the Speedo swimwear range is chlorine resistant for long lasting shape when swimming laps in the pool

Fashionable swimwear - Speedo keeps a keen focus on fashion trends across the globe and incorporates colours and patterns that reflect modern fashion trends across their seasonal swimwear pieces, launched at key periods of the year, such as Summer and High Summer.

Variety of styles - from Speedo one piece swimwear to bikinis and sun tops (rash vests), Speedo has developed gorgeous, functional swimwear for women for all situations from swimming laps in the pool for training, competing in swimming events right through to having fun in the sun on the beach! Within Speedo one piece styles there are a range of leg lines (the height and shape of the cut through the leg) as well as a range of style of swimsuit backs such as: racerback, medalist, leaderback, powerback, crossback, clipback, turboback and many more. In the Speedo men's swimwear range there are of the classic Speedo briefs (or budgy smugglers/d!ck stickers), jammers, aqua shorts, board shorts and rash vests.

Speedo Equipment and Accessories

Here at onsport.com.au we offer premium Speedo swimming equipment and accessories from the latest Speedo goggles and swimming caps, through to Speedo kickboards, pullbuoys and Speedo training fins and long fins.

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Shop for Speedo swimwear and Speedo equipment online at onsport.com.au and you'll enjoy free shipping Australia-wide on Speedo orders over $99, plus enjoy peace of mind shopping with free returns Australia-wide on orders over $99! In addition, if you like to earn loyalty points, you can earn lots of loyalty points from our loyalty partners when you shop Speedo online with Onsport. Shop Speedo online with us and enjoy our friendly local service.