Watch him achieve what he’s truly capable of when he has the right kit. In the gym, on the track or dominating the sports field, boy’s sports shorts are the essential he needs to perform. Offering the latest in style and fabric technology, this range was engineered for greatness.

When training is a way of life, having the wardrobe to support your passions is essential. The range of shorts from Onsport was carefully curated to deliver only the best, with pieces from brands that go the distance. Shop today for access to the latest in innovative sportswear for kids from the likes of Speedo and Canterbury.









Sports shorts for boys that play harder

Boy’s shorts sports from Onsport deliver the best in style and performance. What he wants is unmatched comfort and freedom of movement, so he can surpass his PBs and take that top spot. Designed for wear in the gym as well as for a range of sports such as swimming, football and running, he can get the coverage he needs from the brands he wants.

Fabrics are strong, yet lightweight and breathable. Versatile pieces can be worn for sports and fitness activities, as well as for lazing around the house on rest days. Either way, Australia’s athletes and supporters are going to love the quality range of shorts for sports and everyday wear.

No workout wardrobe is complete without being filled with pieces for every weather. Get him prepared for whatever the game throws at him with these boy’s sports tops and sports pants, for when he’s progressing into the best he can be.

Worldwide delivery

Onsport was built in Australia, but we believe no one should miss out on quality goods from leading sports brands. We deliver internationally to selected countries, and we offer free delivery on orders over $50 to all addresses in Australia!

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