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Ideal for running enthusiasts of all levels, running watches help keep you on track with your fitness goals, whatever they may be. GPS Running Watches allow you to see the route that you've run via GPS and GLONASS tracking and most running watches with GPS include heart rate monitoring functionality.

Heart Rate Monitors are a great running and training tool as they allow you to keep track of your heart rate before, during and after working out, allowing you to customise your workout at a heart rate zone relevant for the training type you are undertaking. For instance, if you were looking to increase your endurance and distance, you would do a long, slow distance run and keep your heart rate under around 140 beats per minute. A heart rate monitor allows you to track your heart rate as you train and ensure you are staying under 140 beats per minute with heart rate alerts or heart rate zone alarms.

Multi Sport GPS Watches are the bees knees of GPS watches for those who like to train for multiple sports or have fun exercising in multiple ways such as navigating a hike in the great outdoors, participating in triathlons, standalone swimming, cycling, running and many more sports.

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