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Gentlemen, at onsport.com.au you can shop men's swimwear briefs online from the comfort of your own home, in briefs if you so choose, or at work (in your clothes)! We offer Australian male swimmers a selection of swimwear briefs from the best swimwear brands in the business, including, men's Speedo swimwear, men's Rival Swimwear, Arena Swimwear and Zoggs.

Men's swimwear briefs (aka budgie smugglers or richard stickers) available on onsport.com.au are made from the highest quality, clorine resistant fabrics that ensure colour and shape retention.

Our men's swimwear briefs come in a variety of lengths, with 5cm briefs and 8cm briefs the most popular brief styles and Speedo and Rival the most popular swimwear brands available on our online sports store.

When you shop Men's swimwear briefs online at onsport.com.au, enjoy free shipping Australia-wide on all men's swimwear orders over $50, enjoy free returns on orders over $99 and earn frequent flyer and credit card rewards points! Shop men's swimwear briefs and trunks at onsport.com.au today.